Boho Styled Entryway

  1. Kelly Keats says:

    I love the shelf unit and I love love how you styled it (and I really love Kiwi). You always pick the cutest décor items, which helps me shop for my daughter and nieces on their birthdays and Christmas. Thanks Amber <3


    Love ❤️ love ❤️ love it

  3. Julie Wychor says:

    So cute! The book shelf and Kiwi, lol. 😁

  4. Sonnya Kale says:

    I love how you style everything. It really helps to see BH&G items from Walmart displayed. It’s sad to say but Walmart doesn’t always do the best in this area. Hey… maybe they should hire you to come in and design a floor display. You would be awesome. 🧐

  5. Lea says:

    Love your style and how cute everything comes together. I just moved and bought a new home. Looking at your beautiful home gives me great ideas. Thank you😊

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