Felt Tassel Ornament DIY

  1. JenRql says:

    They turned out really cute!

  2. Heather Shackelford says:

    I love your ideas and decor. You definitely have a God given gift of visions for crafts, decor and putting things together. I was blessed with this and absolutely love doing it. It’s so calming to me. It at times has been a blessing and a curse when people have seen your stuff and want me to help them with their baby, showers and wedding show and day of set up, making things for it and put it all together..lol. I can have someone send me like 10 pictures on Pinterest and pick 2 things they like on ea one and make it work blending all the things they love. I don’t mean all of that as bragging or from having a big head. I never had felt like I was good at anything at all. Then once I started having people requesting for me to make things for them and asked how much, I started to feel better about myself and have gained confidence
    😊 I also have a amazing support system that constantly said these are amazing and people wouldn’t ask for them if they didn’t..lol. Sorry for this book. It was really to tell you that your rooms is just gorgeous and it’s so exciting. 💗

  3. Kathy Gillitzer says:

    where did you get the galvanized Bow? i love it!

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